The Men of Issachar Vision Inc (MIV) is an international Christian organization founded in 1989 under the leadership of Rev. Samson Ajetomobi.
As the Men of Issachar had an understanding of times and knew what Israel ought to do (1Chronicles 12:32), the Lord has raised and envisioned us for leadership in the Body of Christ.
At MIV, we pursue the dual mandate of reaching the unreached at all cost and reawakening the church to her responsibilities. We believe in the centrality of missions as the essence of Christian living so we recruit, train and send manpower for missions. We also engage in several reawakening strategies to align and strengthen the Body of Christ.
Our church arm, The Redemption Faith Church, is a multicultural home-church where we nurture and raise men for kingdom-minded leadership in all spheres of influence.
We have several centers across the continents. For more information visit:
The Men of Issachar Vision Inc (MIV).

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